Tambo River

tambo river

Although there are six rivers that flow into the Gippsland Lakes, Bulls Cruisers recommend the Tambo, Nicholson and Mitchell for the best access and most pituresque cruising.

The Tambo River is a beautiful stretch of sheltered water, renowned for its good bream fishing and delightful scenery. The rivers are always protected in any wind conditions offering calm water and peacefulness.

How to get there: Travelling accross Lake King you will head North East to the mouth of the Tambo which is identified with a light / white pole structure. This will be on your port side.

2 nautical miles (approx 1/2 an hour cruising) up the Tambo River is Johnsonville, where there is a public jetty and a quiet setting. At this point the river takes a sharp turn to the right. 2 miles further on is Swan Reach. You will find the Swan Reach Hotel for Bistro meals and bar(Open 7 days) 5156 4222 and General Store, Post Office, Service Station, Duncan’s Liquor all just a short walk from the public jetty. Beyond the bridge the river begins to narrow but is navigable as far as the limestone cliffs. Beautiful peacefulness will await. Keep an eye out for the sea eagles here.

Mooring: The preferred mooring is at the Johnsonville or Swan Reach public jetties. If these are occupied you can secure against the banks of the river. If you are travelling to the cliffs past Swan Reach you can beach the boat opposite the cliffs.

Nicholson River

Nicholson River

The Nicholson River begins in the Angora Range in the lower reaches of the Australian Alps west of Ensay. It flows south-east passing through the small town of Nicholson before entering Lake King, one of the main lakes in the extensive Gippsland Lakes system.

It boasts good fishing, peaceful boating and amazing scenery. Your cruiser can travel as far as the Princes Hwy bridge.

How to get there: Entering into the Nicholson River requires careful attention to your map. The approach to the entrance is via the Mitchell River channel. NB note: Ensure when travelling into the Mitchell and Nicholson Rivers that you travel to the East (right) of the cardinal marker which leads you to the Nicholson and Mitchell Rivers. The area to the west (left) is very shallow and rocky.

At the township of Nicholson you’ll find many public facilities and also a Hotel and General Store.

Mooring: Nicholson River jetty

Nicholson River General Store: 5156 8288 - Open 7 days - Retreat Hotel Bistro: 5156 8250

Mitchell River

mitchell river

Mitchell River is navigable for nearly 10 nautical miles as far as Bairnsdale which used to be the main port for the area when cargo and passenger steamers were operating on the Gippsland Lakes.

mitchell river

A unique feature of the Lakes is the Mitchell River silt jetties, which snake eight kilometres out into Lake King from the mouth of the mighty Mitchell River. The jetties are of geographical rarity, renown as the longest in the world. They are believed to be formed over a million years ago, by silt being washed down by the Mitchell River system as it slowed at the point of entry into the lake. To view the "silt" jetties stop on the Mitchell River side of Point Dawson.

Mooring: Mitchell River Landing at the entrance of the Mitchell River.