Loch Sport

loch sport

Loch Sport is a small township which lies just beyond the boundary of the Lakes National Park on the southern side of Lake Victoria.

Proceeding across Lake Victoria which is 27 kms long and varying in width, it is recommended that only those familiar with the journey to Loch Sport travel here. Lake Victoria can become quite rough with little warning, therefore weather forecasts should be sought before travel. Avoid Loch Sport in winds over 20 knots.

The entrance to the marina requires caution. When travelling to Loch Sport you will need to keep as near as possible to the centre of the Lake, as on both sides there are a number of unmarked sandbanks which can be difficult to see.

The Marina Hotel, located on the shores of Loch Sport marina, is a great country pub open 7 days for lunch and dinner. Call ahead for a reservation: 5146 0666

You will also find a supermarket, General Store/Post Office and Service station in Loch Sport