Lakes Coastal Park

steamer landing

The 90 mile beach runs from Seaspray to Lakes Entrance and is a part of the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park. Ocean Grange, Steamer Landing & Bunga Arm (known as the Back Lake) with their excellent access to the 90 mile beach are only accessible by boat and is one of our favourite boating destinations!

The Back Lake offer excellent jetty and beach moorings as well as quiet beaches, great surf or lake fishing, walks & abundant wildlife, watersport and swimming opportunities.

Getting there: This can be a difficult area to navigate to a newcomer, a complete understanding is necessary before cruising through. Avoid The Back Lake Channel (Steamer Channel) and instead follow the Aurora channel route via Ocean Grange. The numerous channel markers can become confusing. This is because there are 2 channels. It is recommended that you sight only the two beacons immediately ahead of you. Please note that all markers are numbered to assist in navigation.

Caution: When travelling the Aurora channel you will pass on the south side of the South cardinal marker. This will take you past Barton Island. Be aware of the right turn required just after the split into the Aurora channel.

Lakes Coastal Park

Ocean Grange

ocean grange

Ocean Grange is the first destination that you will come accross on your journey to the Back Lake and is easily recognisable by the white tower and privately owned homestead. A popular mooring as you have excellent access to the beach and walking tracks along the lake side and a picnic area and public toilets. Abundant wildife including birdlife and kangaroos are also an attraction of Ocean Grange. There are 20 or so privately owned holiday houses. At the Ocean Grange jetty, care should be taken to observe and avoid the sand spit immediately opposite the jetty. You must limit your speed to 5 knots when entering

Mooring: Ocean Grange has an excellent public jetty with a 5 minute walk to the beach.

90 MILE BEACH: The ocean beach is only suitable for experienced swimmers who need to take great care because of the strong rips and currents at times. Please note that this beach is unpatrolled.

ocean grange

Steamer Landing

steamer landing jetty

One of our favourite destinations! Steamer Landing is 1 km east of Ocean Grange and offers excellent access to the 90 mile beach. Listen to the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach just over the sand dunes.

Fishing: Surf fishing can fetch you salmon and snapper, or cast a line from your cruiser for bream, flathead, skip jack or mullet. Steamer landing through to Bunga Arm are a great area for waterskiing and boarding.

Mooring: Excellent public jetty & if this is full you can beach moor just to the right of the jetty. This area is marked with mooring poles. When choosing a jetty mooring: Do not moor your vessel too close to the shoreline as it is shallow in areas.

bunga arm

Bunga Arm

Bunga Arm: Our favourite Bulls Cruiser destination that runs east-west, boasts spectacular sunsets and is a must see on your journey. The tranquil waters and the sound of the ocean crashing onto the Ninety Mile Beach will make your fee far away from your everyday life.

Bunga Arm

There are a number of campsites which provide mooring poles for excellent beach moorings and public toilets from Steamer Landing to the first Blow Hole. Prawns can be found in the shallows from November to April. Bunga Arm is ideal for swimming in the calm and protected strecth of water. Kangaroos are often seen hopping along the dunes.

Water sports: Bunga Arm offers excellent water skiing, wake boarding and water sport opportunities. Waterskiing is permitted between Steamer Landing and the First Blowhole.

Be aware that there are no navigation aides past Wallaby Island. While you are safe to travel further than this point you must be careful of the sand spits that protrude from your starboard side. Watch your water depth at all times to avoid groundings. Our boats are not permitted past the first blowhole.

Moorings: There are a choice of many beach moorings located at various Parks Victoria camp sites. These are public moorings. Please see your “Beach mooring” notes in the Boating Instructions section for instructions on a safe beach mooring.

lakes coastal park