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About the Gippsland Lakes

You are travelling the waterways of the beautiful Gippsland Lakes system. Australia’s biggest and most beautiful expanse of inland waterways with over 400 square kilometres of lakes, rivers, lagoons and islands to explore.

The lakes were originally shallow coastal lagoons that were part of a large bay but over thousands of years sand has built up in deposits along the coastline and the lakes are now separated from the ocean by a beautiful strip of coastal sand dunes known as the Ninety Mile Beach.

The 3 main lakes are Lake King, Lake Victoria and Lake Wellington and they are all fed by rivers that originate in the high country. The lakes include small islands and are surrounded by two National Parks - the Lakes National Park and Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, both offering terrific walking tracks.

gippsland lakes

The lakes offer excellent year round cruising conditions, with large areas of open water and secluded inlets and rivers to explore. We have a large community of dolphins that reside in our Lakes – they love to show off so keep an eye out.

To ensure that you get the most out of your Bulls Cruiser holiday it is important to be prepared. You will not run aground or get lost if you are prepared. Plan your trip with your briefer, consult your briefing notes & refer to the “Creeks & Harbours of the Gippsland Lakes” book which has more detailed information.