Barrier Landing

barrier landing

Barrier Landing is the most eastern point a Bulls Cruiser can travel. With its easy access to the 90-Mile Beach and beautiful crystal clear water, it s a popular anchorage.

The Barrier is picturesque and is noted for great swimming, good fishing and prawning (in season) as well as beautiful sunsets. With a quick 1 minute walk from the lake side, over the dunes to the 90-mile beach you can take a walk along the beach to the Entrance. This entrance is a man-made channel that links the Tasman Sea and Bas Strait to the 400 square kms of inland waterways of the Gippsland Lakes. Lakes Entrance is well known for it's large number of fishing trawlers that operate out of the port. You can also walk along the lake foreshore to the entrance and over the dunes.


Catching prawns: It's so much fun and easy... well sort of! You will need a prawn light or strong torch and a net. When the tide is running out you can catch them from the back of your boat. This is easier as they are on the surface of the water. You can also walk along the shallows and spot their iridescent eyes then scoop them up. Note: Best prawning is on a new moon and they do jump once startled—So be quick! While other prawners head back to the boat ramp to remove their boat from the water, drive home and unload their gear YOU will be sitting down and enjoying your catch aboard your Bulls Cruiser.

Getting there: If you have not boated to Barrier Landing it is important that you seek advice from Bulls staff prior to travel as you will need to make allowances for the fast running current and tides. Travelling from Metung you will travel past Nungurner on your port side and Flannagan Island on your starboard side. Note that there are 2 south cardinal markers at the north of Fraser island. You will then follow the Rigby Channel which leads you to Barrier Landing. Do not cut the corner at Rigby Channel.

barrier landing

Mooring: Moor on the large public jetty or beach the boat on any of the mooring poles. The current runs quickly therefore allowances must be made. You must have deck hands ready with ropes and long lines if beach mooring. There is significant rise and fall in the tide at the Barrier therefore mooring ropes should be tended accordingly for both jetty and beach moorings. A good lookout should be kept while manouvering off Barrier Landing for the sandbanks in the vicinity.

Although your Bulls Cruiser cannot travel to Lakes Entrance you can moor your boat at Barrier Landing and call Skipper Pete at Sea-Safari for a taxi ride to Lakes Entrance. Tel: 0458 511 438 or SMS. Lakes Entrance is a large town with supermarkets, specialty shops, restaurants, cafes, terrific seafood, mini-golf and many other tourist activities



Nungurner is a small residential lakeside hamlet that is closely related to Metung but distinctly separate. A main attraction of Nungurner is the Nyerimilang Heritage Park on the shores of the Gippsland Lakes.

The park is ideal for picnics featuring attractive gardens and pastoral surroundings and walks along bush and farm tracks. The park also offers magnificent views across Reeve Channel and the lakes beyond.


Nyerimilang Heritage Park Walking tracks:

Whistling Kite Track (0.75 km - 10 mins one way): after a grassland walk, the track passes through various forest types. The Whistling Kite, a large brown hawk, nests in the tall Blue Gums that surround this short walk.

Homestead Track (1.1 km - 25 mins one way): the original entrance to Nyerimilang Homestead was via this track from Maringa Creek crossing. Leaving the homestead, the track gently descends through moist gully vegetation to swamp, then salt marsh.

Cliff Top Walk (1.7 km - 30 mins one way): the meandering, mostly level track affords the visitor panoramic views of the nearby lake system and Bass Strait beyond.

Salt Marsh Track (1.2 km - 25 mins one way): the track is from the Kalimna West road to Reeve Channel. The salt marsh environment surrounding the tidal Maringa Creek gives way to the sandy shoreline of the lake system.

Mooring: There is a public jetty at Nungurner. 2 public swing moorings are located east of nungurner, in a cove just before Nyerimilang.


newlands arm

The furthest point east for Bulls Cruisers. It has a fantastic view from the top of the hill (or the Greek restaurant) of the Ninety Mile Beach and Lakes. A Greek restaurant / Tavern is a short distance from the jetty.

Mooring: You will find a public jetty at Kalimna. The current runs quickly in and out from the entrance at Kalimna so allowances must be made when docking the boat at this jetty. Strictly no overnight stays on this jetty unless authorised with Bulls Cruisers.